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disGUISE those scary needles into playful toys with our patent pending MED-pal device



Guise Medical has developed a unique product to alleviate fear and anxiety related to needles in pediatric patients.

Our product, the MED-pal, is a pediatric mental wellness medical device that acts as a disguise on the syringe, covering the needle and making it less visible and intimidating.

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Our solution is tailored towards alleviating anxiety in the healthcare setting!
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MED-pal Device

Elevate the pediatric healthcare experience for your patients and staff with the MED-pal. We understand the importance of mental health and wellness in healthcare: that’s why we are confident that our device will create a positive mental health experience for your patients.

Our colorful, playful designs are aimed at distracting and entertaining children during medical procedures, while also providing a sense of control over the situation for our healthcare providers.