About Us​

We are four physicians in Louisiana with a passion for creating the best possible patient experience. Our fifth and final team member is a law student at Harvard with a passion for biotech and innovation.

About Our Mission

Our company aims to decrease the fear children have when going to the doctor’s office to receive vaccines and shots. Guise Medical is a device company that designs and produces customizable syringe covers to alleviate the stress of the doctor’s office.

Our Team


Evan Falgoust MD


Zachary Connelly MD, PhD


Ross Rieger MD


Dawson Falgoust


Kevin Malone MD

VP of Sales

Daltin Babineaux

About Our Products

The MED-Pal makes the perfect souvenir or keepsake for the children after acting as the perfect disGUISE to make our healthcare providers’ job a tad easier!


No product assembly is required!

The device can be reused as it is made from a durable material (thermoplastic elastomer) if that option is desired. It can also be given to the child after the visit as the perfect souvenir at the parent’s discretion to really enhance the patient experience!

Due to the nature of our product in healthcare settings, we are unable to offer returns unless the product is noted to be defective upon receiving.

Our devices are fully customizable, and we are happy to provide this branding opportunity. We can actively work with customers to put your logo on the devices. This premium service does contain a fixed minimum order number.

No special storage conditions required, and the devices are able to be stored in bulk for both outpatient and inpatient settings.

Consumers with sensitive skin should be monitored closely for their own safety, but fortunately, our product is made from a desirable hypoallergenic material that is safe for general use with supervision.

Our target audience is children between the ages of 2-12 years old in any healthcare setting, but our product hopefully can cheer up someone in any age range if desired! 

Yes! Our device is safe to be used for all injections types.

Our MED-pal covers adjust to multiple size syringes including the vast majority of commonly used sizes (1mL, 3mL, 5mL). 

Yes! Our device is made from a safe material (thermoplastic elastomer), and the compounds of this material allow for a soft-touch feel to ensure end products are safe for children to handle. It is designed to be used as any other toy for children this age range (under parent supervision). 

Yes! We encourage this as we love to see versatile use of our device as seen on stethoscopes, pen lights, etc.